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Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) dista

THANK YOU for an amazing week of Virtual Recitals. We have loved seeing all of your behind the scenes pictures, videos and excitement. You FINISHED STRONG with us and we couldn't be more proud!


PART 1 DRESS REHEARSAL: Below is the schedule for our in person dress rehearsal at NLD! Please find your dancer's name and take note to when they will be rehearsing their recital dances. This is not manditory. We will be sending out our new polices and procedures that families will need to follow later this week.


NOTE: All Monday classes are being held on Tuesday due to Memorial Day.


Part 2: On to the Red Carpet...
Here are a few reminders about the optional Red Carpet Recital Experience to keep in mind before clicking on the sign up link below:

  • The Red Carpet Recital Experience allows for 1 dancer + 3 guests.

  • Your child is the STAR of their own show!

  • This experience is FREE for our NLD Families as a THANK YOU for finishing strong with us!

  • Please carefully note the "TEACHERS AVAILABLE" vary by day/time. If you would like your dancer's teacher to be able to dance with them on the side of the stage, please sign up accordingly.

  • If your child does not need help from their teacher to perform, you may sign up for any available slot.

  • Your sign up time slot is your experience START TIME. The full Red Carpet Recital Experience will last approximately 30 minutes from your start time (sign up slot time).

  • Each Red Carpet Experience (time slot) allows for 1 routine to be performed.

  • If you wish to perform additional routines, please sign up for additional time slot(s) at least 1 hour apart to allow time for exiting the building, changing costumes and re-entering the building.

  • Please note that NLD dressing rooms and restrooms will NOT be available for costume changes.

  • Additional slots will only be added once current slots have filled.

  • Our Red Carpet Recital Experience will run from Friday, May 29th - Saturday, May 30th.

  • Additional information will be emailed out next week to signed up participants.

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