Reminder, Be Nice To Yourself As A Dancer

Dancers are perfectionists, we are never done training and improving. Even adults and teachers are working on improvement daily. With that said, its important to take a step back from the rigor of looking to always be better and take care of your mental health. Be mindful of when you are comparing yourself to others. Stay in your magic and appreciate your gifts. Just like a snowflake, no two dancers are alike. You are a beautiful work in progress. Focus on your own unique talents and praise yourself for all of your accomplishments. Build yourself up, the more you strengthen your internal world the less the external world can shake you from your truth. Keep in mind while you are listening to critiques, that they are not personal and only to take you to the next level if you work hard.

Likewise, think of others. Honor other people's gifts, and build each other up. It can be easy to see someone next to you get a new skill before you and feel jealous. But there is no reason only one can succeed, and someone else's success does not mean your failure! Be brave enough to acknowledge each others talent's. A supportive atmosphere is the best way to learn. You need to fall down, fail, and keep trying to succeed. Find the freedom to dance your own dance. Don't follow the trend and become a clone of everyone else, but take a risk to be authentically yourself. Be inspired by all things, and dance from the core of who you are.

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