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Steps to Being a Prepared Dancer, or Preparing your Dancer

  1. Arrive early! On time is late, always come 5-10 minutes before class starts.

  2. Come to dance class with all you may need. We all have our forgetful moments so the best course of action is to have a dance bag with everything you need. Reusable water bottle (hopefully remembered to refill before you leave home) extra hair ties, bobby pins, deodorant, and ALL your dance shoes!

  3. Stay alert in class. It helps to be rested and eat well! Even when it is not your turn to go across the floor you should be quietly watching the others go across the floor, you can learn a lot by watching your friends! Corrections given to them by the teacher may apply to you too.

  4. Ask questions and listen to questions asked by others. If you don’t understand a concept or move, your teacher is always happy to break it down and explain more in a way you’ll understand.

  5. Hair should always be pulled back in a ponytail or bun depending on what class you have. For ballet a bun is best, for acro you’ll want a ponytail so you can do rolls and headstands.

  6. Put your shoes on and make sure you are in proper dance wear BEFORE class begins, don’t wait for the teacher to call you into class to put on your shoes.

  7. Condition the mind and body outside of class. It is not enough to stretch the one or two days a week you have class to make flexibility progress. You can stretch while you watch tv or do homework. Likewise, the mind is a muscle. It must also be worked and stretched. Practice your dance routines or more difficult moves at home to really be prepared and dance to the best of your ability!

  8. Be supportive and encouraging of your classmates. Clap for them, praise them when they master a new skill, help them when they struggle. Dance is a safe place to learn and try new things!

  9. Understand critiques are not a diss or ridicule, it is to make you a better dancer! A teacher that gives you a critique is trying to help you and wants you to succeed at your highest level! We never give you something we think you can’t handle or learn.

  10. Come to class with a positive energy! Dance is all about high energy and enthusiastic FUN! Leave whatever your worries and stress is about at the door, and come in ready to spread joy to the class, ready to learn. Have a mindset that this is going to be the best season ever and infect those around you with your sparkle! We love dancing and can’t wait to love it even more with you!

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